Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh yes, there will be blogging

I know, I know... you've heard it all before. I've promised to come back to blogging regularly, but what can I say except this: I've bought the Ginkgo Biloba, but I keep forgetting to take it, so it hasn't kicked in yet.

But really, I've been cleaning out my closet - such a gay metaphore that I have to go with it - and given up on some freelance work that was close to pure charity. If you can call it that when no one worthy reaps all the benefits. Hmm, does that make me sound bitter? If so, GOOD... but I'm over it now! ;o)

Now I have 3 main projects and they all interest me (this is one of them, in case you were wondering), so I should be able to stay focused. :o)

- GG

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