Friday, June 3, 2016

Welcome to the Gun Show - Team Shoot edition!

When it comes to giving a great gun show - both the weapon and the bicep kind - then Sarah Shahi is one to deliver!

I mean, hello...

sarah shahi gun show - sameen shaw

I'm not really into weapons, but Sameen Shaw makes it look so good
Sarah Shahi guns - Sameen Shaw Person of Interestsarah shahi biceps - sameen shaw person of interest

Of course, she's not the only one who can rock a weapon
My Name is Root - Amy Acker on Person of Interest
Amy Acker as Root - Person of Interest
Looking mighty fine with the two guns there, Root!

 Just rocking the two guns like a pro..
Root - Amy Acker - double guns

Though she absolutely prefers just watching Shaw work

And really, they're the perfect gun duo... 
Team Shoot - Four Alarm Fire - Root x Shaw - Person of Interest
Like a "Four Alarm Fire" indeed

 And you have to love the fact that Sarah Shahi is also a total geek... *swoon*

For the record, YES, I did watch the latest episode of Person of Interest and I am in total denial, which is why I like to focus on the good old days.

Stay happy - and in denial - out there,
- GG

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Kat said...

The last episode was so sad >:(