Friday, June 24, 2016

TV is killing me this year

My heart has always been broken by TV, but 2016 has been the worst ever!

Lexa dying was the beginning of a movement that was already overdue, but now was desperately needed.

However, my personal heartbreak started with knowing that 'Person of Interest' was cancelled and we only had a brief final season to look forward to. It was - in my opinion - a great final season, given that they had to rush a few things because of the short season.
Person of Interest - Team Machine

And yes, we did get Shoot, but then we also lost Root and my heart did indeed break many times along the way. 
Root x Shaw Person of Interest Amy Acker Sarah Shahi
Still, I do love 'Person of Interest' in every way, and if Netflix does a spin-off or continues it in some form, I will definitely be there.

The two heartbreaks that hit even harder were those I really didn't see coming, because they were never warned:

1) Sara Ramirez leaving Grey's Anatomy, which was announced right after the season 12 finale aired.

Sara Ramirez Callie Torres gif

This means Callie Torres (my spririt animal) will no longer be on my TV. At least not for a while... and I don't know that I want to watch the show without her. Or actually, I do know and I don't really.
We lost a beautiful, bisexual badass woman of color... not many of those on screen. Especially after this first half of 2016.

2) 'Penny Dreadful' being cancelled, which was announced right after the season 3 finale aired.

Especially because it was presented as "the plan all along" which is just plain bullshit. This show had some of the best acting from Eva Green and Billie Piper, who played beautiful and strong women.

Eva Green as Vanessa Ives on Penny Dreadful

In fact, 'Penny Dreadful' was ALL about strong women taking charge and being the real saviours of their own stories.

Billie Piper as Lily on Penny Dreadful
Billie Piper as Lily on Penny Dreadful
Billie Piper as Lily on Penny Dreadful

I mean, you do not see a female character like that every day! Also, Billie Piper did get to kiss another woman (played by Jessica Barden) quite a few times, and they had a deep and very loving relationship, so there's that of course.

Penny Dreadful Billie Piper Jessica Barden

So yeah, I'm just all kinds of heartbroken... no more Root, Sameen Shaw, Callie Torres, Vanessa Ives or Lily (Frankenstein, if you will). Who will fill this void?

Sad and heartbroken,
- GayGirl

P.S. Yes, I bingewatched "Orange Is The New Black" which is in a league ALL of it's own, when it comes to heartbreak. Especially at the heels of the Pulse Orlando shooting. But that heartbreak needs a post of its own... if ever I have the heart to write it.


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