Friday, November 21, 2008

I made it...

... I am now back home with Wifey. I had a great trip and got to meet a lot of really good business contacts.

I've got more trips lined up before the year is over, but no more overnight trips - just really long days, but that's fine. :o)

Oh, and the solution [the reason why I felt I could sleep without Wifey] was that after several plane and train rides and many meetings (plus half a bottle of nice red wine during a dinner with colleagues), I was completely beat and could barely stay awake. ;o)

But the REAL help was the fact that my "sleeping shirt" for the night, was same one that Wifey had slept in the previous night, and also, I had a T-shirt of hers with me, that she had worn a few nights (the one she'd been "fragranizing" for me, LOL). This "scent shirt" I had right next to my heart all night. I actually folded it togther and put it under my night shirt, and just hugged it ALL night. I woke up in exactly the same position I had fallen asleep... and Wifey and I texted each other both right before going to sleep and as soon as we woke up.

Anyway, now we're just going to enjoy the weekend... And [especially] each other! :oP

Feeling goooood,
- GayGirl

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~wicked~ said...

i love the connection you two share....and sleeping with her cute ;-)